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Nassau Bowling Center
USBC Certified Bowling Center #5478
​established 1989

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The monthly tournament is now ceritified for youth bowlers to participate for scholorship awards.
Sign up starts at 10:00 AM  :  Bowling starts at 11:00 AM
Entry fee $40.00
($15 lineage, $25 prize fund)
Optional Scratch Entry $15.00
$2.00 Brackets / $10.00 High Game
Tournament Rules.

  1. Format is 5 games across 5 pairs of lanes
  2. Handicap will be 100% of 230
  3. Average will be a composite of bowler’s most recent averages. 
  4. If no average is available bowler will use a 230 average.
  5. After 10 games, bowlers will establish a Nassau Bowling Center tournament average which will be used for our future tournaments.
  6. Bowlers total pinfall with handicap after 5 games will determine the stepladder finals:
    Top 5 with 24+ entries
    Top 3 with less than 24 entries
  7. Pay ratio is 1 in 5

Tournament director reserves the right to re-rate or refuse
any entry and has final decision on all disputes.
Tournament Director:  Lester See